Hi there! Thanks for swinging by. A little about me:

I’m currently working as a Business Intelligence Analyst at a software startup in Minneapolis where I use Google Sheets, Apps Script, BigQuery, and Data Studio to help drive insight into how our customers use our products.

I’ve also spent time as a Workforce Analyst (building custom scheduling systems, automated real-time multi-channel monitoring, and web dashboards for reporting) and as a Technical Support Specialist (helping customers resolve technical issues with their accounts). Prior to working in Minneapolis I spent three years working as a Client Success Manager for a small SaaS startup in North Carolina. You can read more about my work experience on LinkedIn.

My passions:

  • Working with people to help solve problems. I specialize in spreadsheets, dashboards and data, but at the heart of it all I love to work and communicate with people.
  • Diving into data to uncover trends that help business owners make better data-driven decisions.
  • Automation – whether it’s a process, a dashboard, an alert system, or anything else that people repeatedly spend time doing. Automating the right things frees up more time for analysis, creative brainstorming and critical thinking.

Outside of work I’m a devoted husband and father of two young boys. You can frequently catch me outside – on the trail running and biking or in the backyard chasing my toddler.