Mini-Analysis: Summer 2014 San Francisco Crime Data

Introduction & Background I’m currently enrolled in the “Communicating Data Science Results” course on Coursera. Our first exercise involves examining a crime dataset and teasing out a finding (backed by 2-3 visualizations and accompanying descriptions that help […]

5 Lines of Code to Automatically Add New Rows to Your Google Sheets Reports

Ever find yourself doing the same repetitive tasks in your Google sheets, day in and day out? It’s likely that there are all kinds of ways you could automate your work, which in theory gives […]

Use Twilio and Google Sheets to Create a Baby Name Delivery Service

My wife and I are expecting our second boy in a few months, but we haven’t yet settled on a name for our little kiddo. Now, my wife has no trouble at all with regularly looking at […]

How to Use INDIRECT with CONCATENATE in Google Sheets

Using the INDIRECT function in combination with CONCATENATE can be a powerful tool that speeds up work in Google Sheets. But how do these functions work together, and what is a common use case? To […]